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Epilepsy story

Manohar Pimpare

Me, my epilepsy & medicine

I got my first episode of seizures on August 1981 where I fell to the ground lying unconsciously. My father called a family doctor who gave me an injection and some medicine. While my treatment was ongoing, I used to get episodes of seizures, small and big. Absenteeism in school resulted in parting from the school and higher education.  All my dreams of pursuing higher education were shattered and I felt hopeless of what will happen of my life.   We tried multiple other treatments like Ayurveda but nothing seemed to work.

In the year 2006 I was given a newer medicine which was introduced. I was convinced with the idea and since 2007, I was put on to a new drug regime.  I could see the results of the medicine within one year after the start. I realised that the frequencies of episodes were reduced. It was only during mental anxiety and stress the attacks were recurring. Now after every 15 days or once in a month, I go and visit the hospital. I take my medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Seven years after starting the medicine, my episodes of seizures have reduced to almost 85-90%.

I am married and I have two children’s. To keep myself busy, I have started up a small enterprise of selling pulses and cereals near my house. My family supports me in my activities of daily living and encourage me to live life positively and not to be stressed of any situation.


Siddesh Poman

“Lifes Challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” – Bernice Johnson Reagon

Hi, I am Siddesh Poman, 18 year’s old studying in Siddharth College of Commerce in S.Y.J .C (Std 12th).

I got my first attack (episode) of seizures when I was in class 6 and it lasted for 10 minutes.  Such episode very a rare occurrence but there was a family history of epilepsy. My mother being an epileptic patient from her childhood faced lot of problems in her daily life.  Due to seizure episodes I had to face a lot of social problems. Furthermore due to seizures my memory was weak.  I was a slow learner and as a result, my school principal asked my parents to shift me to National Open School.

My family consulted the physician and I was diagnosed with the epilepsy. Doctor started with the treatment immediately because of positive family history. He gave me a three year course of Anti - Epileptic Medication. I took the medicine religiously as I had to get well soon. The side effects of medicine were similar to that of my mother that is weakness of memory, sometime forgetting things done or kept etc. I decided that I have to get well soon as there are good treatments available. Now, I have completed my three year course of medication and today I am completely fine with no symptoms seen yet. I studied hard, gave my level best and scored 53% in SSC. My family was happy with the result and my school also appreciated me for my performance. Today I am fine just because I took my medication as per doctor instructions.  Please take your medicine on time and complete the course duration. You too can get well.