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UCB India initiatives in epilepsy

Date: 28th July 09

UCB India joint hands with the Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA) and Samman (NGO actively working for people with epilepsy in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Tricchur) to bring epilepsy out of the shadow by dispelling myths and bringing to light the right understanding about epilepsy. IEA has more than 20 chapters across India in various states/ cities.


Together with the IEA, we planned a series of meetings called “Conquer Epilepsy” to sensitise and educate people with epilepsy, their caregivers, family members and general public about epilepsy management and care. Through this programme, doctors resolved their hidden queries (not pertaining to treatment) which patients/ caregivers either do not feel comfortable asking or forget to ask during their routine consultation with doctors. This seminar was spear-headed by experts from IEA with the likes of Dr. Pravina Shah (President, IEA), Dr. Urvashi Shah (Neuropsychologist, KEM Hospital), SAMMAN members and faculty from the respective hospital where event was conducted.


This series was initiated with Hinduja Hospital (located in Mahim, Mumbai) on 23rd August 2008. Almost 120 people attended this event. UCB India felicitated young students who participated in the film making competition conducted in May 2008.


The second event happened in K. J. Somaiya Hospital (located in Sion, Mumbai) on 22nd Nov 2008. Almost 130 people along with 30 nursing staff and young medical students attended this programme and gained information about epilepsy management at home.


Third event happened in Bombay Hospital (Marine Lines, Mumbai) on 21st Feb 2008. Around 160 people attended the programme including their caregivers.


The 4th seminar took place in Gorakhpur on 19th July 2009 at BRD Medical College, with the help of BRD Medical College and Achintya Epilepsy Centre. More than 200 people attended the programme and gained information on cleanliness, hygiene requirements to prevent the risk of epilepsy and surgery as one of the possibilities to control seizures.


UCB India supported this event for all the event management requirements and educational material for epilepsy.


To know more about Indian Epilepsy Association visit the following website: