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The 9th Asian & Oceanic epilepsy Congress

The 9th Asian & Oceanic epilepsy Congress was recently concluded in Manilla, Phillipines. In this conference UCB had brought together 4 key experts from various parts of the world  to deliberate on a symposium titled

“Epilepsy : from diagnosis to management challenge”.
This session was held on 23rd March and was Chaired by Josephine Casanova-Gutierrez, MD. Dr Casanova-Gutierrez is a co-Chair of the Scientific Organizing Committee at the 9th Asian-Oceanian Epilepsy Congress 2012 and a member of the ASEPA Executive Committee for the period 2012- 2014.

The symposium learning objectives were
1)Make an optimal use of current practices to diagnose epilepsy
2) Provide insight on how to manage patients with uncontrolled epilepsy and expose related challenges
3)  Optimize care of patients through improved understanding of the available treatment options. The session was started by a deliberation presented by Dr Byung In Lee, MD.

Dr Byung Lee is the current chair of Commission of Asian Oceanian Affairs in ILAE and president of Korean Neurocritical Society. His session was centered on “Diagnosing epilepsy – what are the key ingredients?” This session really challenged the way epilepsy is diagnosed and also brought out the shortcomings of the older diagnostic techniques and also rpesented the newer diagnostic process.

This was followed by Prof Ernest Somerville, MD. His topic covered “Challenges in the treatment of uncontrolled epilepsy”.Ernest Somerville is Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Service of the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney and Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales.
Dr Patrick Kwans then presented his views on “First becoming last. Selecting an optimal therapeutic choice”. Professor Patrick Kwan is Chair of Neurology at the University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia, and Associate Consultant at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong. He is currently President of the Hong Kong Epilepsy Society, treasurer of the ILAE Commission on Therapeutic Strategies, and chair of the CAOA Research Task Force, and was chair of the task force for the definition of drug-resistant epilepsy

Finally Dr Salim Benbadis presentation on “ A critical comparative review of AEDs.” Dr. Benbadis is currently Professor of Neurology in the departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of South Florida. He is Director of the University of South Florida /Tampa General Hospital Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. The sessions brought in great insight into diagnosis, management of Epilepsy and  on parameters of how to choose the right AED. This session was attended by more than 800 neurologists. UCB has the rights to this entire presentation and is proud to announce that this entire session will be available on the UCB website for the next 15 days for viewing. If your department would like to view the entire session, UCB would be very happy to organise a viewing session for your entire department. Alternately if you wish to view it then you need to visit the UCB website to see this session. The session lasts for 1 hours and 30 mins and is most informative and challenges many widely held beliefs and proposed newer methods for diagnosis and management of epilepsy