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Corporate Social Responsibility  for UCB emphasises on patients and the planet.

Patient-centric initiatives

Epilepsy is a medical condition characterised by recurrent seizures affecting a variety of mental and physical functions. In India, there were 10.4 million epilepsy cases in 2010 and is estimated to increase to 11.7 million by 2020. Every year, 0.5 to 1 million new patients are diagnosed with epilepsy. In terms of geographic coverage, around 70% of India’s population lives in rural areas where disease prevalence (10.09 per 1000) is double that of urban (5.83 per 1000). There is a wider treatment gap in terms of access to neurologist, cost of antiepileptic medication, social stigma about the disease and lack of prioritisation by health authorities.

Hence, one of the core strategies for UCB in terms of patient-centric initiatives is to concentrate on reaching out to patients with severe chronic disease, such as epilepsy, in underprivileged areas of India. The initiative would focus on enabling a successful re-integration of these patients into their communities and economic environment. Most importantly, these initiatives aim at reducing the disabling stigma and social exclusion associated with the disease.



“Improve Access” to education, diagnosis and management of epilepsy for underprivileged patients in urban areas and remote rural interiors by offering access to expert neurologists.

“Addressing the social stigma” attached with epilepsy

“Attract support” for increasing disease awareness and education of general public and local healthcare providers.