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Drug Safety

Drug safety

Making drug safety a company-wide responsibility.

Despite in-depth pre-clinical tests and clinical trials, and despite respecting strict regulatory manufacturing standards, side-effects can occur with medicines because patients can react differently to the disease and its treatment. We have well-established systems to closely monitor these adverse events and react rapidly to them.

The risk of a potential drug failing to progress through development to market is significant. Numerous quality, safety and clinical efficacy thresholds have to be passed. At UCB, we follow the strict regulatory standards for drug manufacturing to ensure that our drugs meet the legal and regulatory safety, quality and efficacy requirements.

Like other biopharmaceutical companies, UCB also receives adverse event reports every year concerning our drug products, which are reviewed internally and provided to the governing regulatory authorities. Our safety teams use various tools to identify potential safety issues that could be related to adverse events, which may or may not be associated with our medicines.

Feel free to reach to us; should you have any safety concerns related to UCB products. We can reach to us at:

Drug Safety – India

Off No: 022-40491247

Fax No: 022- 40491199